Anonymous said: Hi danish guy here. I miss Reading your posts:-( how is your new job? It's funny when I think back a few years, when you were younger and much more inexpirenced sex- and lifewise:-) it was so refreshing to read about how you met life with all the ups and downs:-) I can tell you one thing in life, and that is that when you get older you get more relaxed and tend to enjoy the little thing a bit more - at least thats how I fell:-) I'm still here - hope you are to? All the best from Denmark:-)

My Danish guy,

You really need to get your account back so we can private message! I am still alive! This job is really taking it out of me. It’s not what I wanted to do at all, and I hate it. And I really miss all my old friends… Though not everything about it is bad; I like my co-workers and the pay is decent. But I am really looking forward to quitting this job or transferring to another position, which won’t be for another 10 months at least. 

Needless to say, this has really killed our sex life! But strangely enough, I don’t “miss it” like I used to. I think that now I am working so much, I am happy to just sleep and relax. 

Anonymous said: why do you never post anymore ? :(

To be honest, I haven’t thought about this blog at all for a while because my life has been so busy (also the lack of subject material to write about). I graduated from college and landed a full time job in a different state, so I had to relocate (D came with me). This job is truly going to be challenging for me because it’s my first “real world” job but I am very happy to have it because I will no longer worry about paying back my student loans.

It makes me really happy to know that people have enjoyed my writing and want me to come back though. I can’t promise that this blog will ever return to what it once was (full of ravenous erotic sex adventures), but since this is a diary, it’s not meant to be that way anyway. It will change as my life changes.

It has been a terrible time :(

Sex life has been awful for the past few months now, which is why I’ve held back from updating for so long. Even to an anonymous diary blog, it is hard to acknowledge the problems because it means no longer denying that there are problems.

(Outside of sex life, all other aspects are going rather well.) D’s sex drive has diminished to almost nothing over the past few months, and as a result so has mine. We would go weeks without any kind of sexual activity, and if there was sex, it was short and “to the point,” so to speak.

On top of this, I have on three separate occasions, accidentally found him watching porn and masturbating. He prefers porn over me; he lost his desire to have sex with me but not his sexual appetite.

I always told myself that it was only because we were always too tired or too busy to have sex. But I realized over time that this has never stopped us before. I don’t know why or how to fix it. Our emotional relationship hasn’t changed and outside of sex we aren’t having problems or tension.

I’m hurting and I feel like we are never going to have the same passionate sex life we once had.

Anonymous said: Hi there, as we get close to Memorial Day, any chance you could give us all a new gift. I would love to see a picture of your glorious pussy with cum from D splattered on tummy, maybe even cream pie. Are you feeling very giving after a few weeks away?

My my, isn’t someone greedy ;P

Anonymous said: Hey baby, I call you that cause it feels like I know you even though I'm new to this blog. Give us an update! Say hi. Post pictures! Just want to hear from you. lol

I’m still here! :)

The Booty Snatcher

People have been begging me for updates. I hear you! 

We got back from a short trip yesterday, on which we weren’t really presented the opportunity to have sex. So of course last night when I turned off the light, preparing to go to sleep, D immediately grabbed me and started pulling down my panties and kissing my body. He wasted no time, and I was extremely surprised when I felt his full erection at my entrance. 

His hands grabbed my ass hungrily, as if he’d been starved for weeks. He fucked me greedily as he buried his cock deep into my pussy. He placed a hand around my neck firmly but lovingly. I got my vibrator out and placed it on my clit while I let him fuck me like his own personal toy. With D’s big cock pounding me and the vibrator on my clit, I quickly came.

And then it was D’s turn. I turned myself around and got into the doggy style position. He fucked me with both his hands on my ass and his cock slick with my pussy juices. He placed his hands around my hips and slammed me onto his dick, over and over again. I was his little sex toy, letting him use my body to fuck himself. His breathing got faster as he pounded into me harder, until he came inside me, the warm white sticky fluid flooding my pussy. 

After he came, he maintained his erection and slowly fucked me several more strokes, letting his cum lubricate me fully. 


I went back and re-read some of my sex stories before D, and I got turned on just by remembering those sexual encounters! I think my favorite encounter would have to be Number Three…something about the built up sexual tension over the span of a night, then fucking secretly in a hotel room while other people slept, and then cute cuddling afterwards. Apparently, I even climaxed (I don’t remember that, but I said I did in my entry so it must be true…) Damn, that was a good time…

"I really wouldn’t mind where I live. I’d be happy just about anywhere as long as I’m with you."

— D, after discussing with him the places they might send me to if I get this job I interviewed for

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Anonymous said: Did d come in you or on you for these pics there hot !!! Btw I love his Dick how big is it?

He is 8 or 8.5 inches I believe. 

Anonymous said: This is starting to be the "must see" blog. I think this week we need to shoot (no pun intended) for the money shot. The only question is whether its tits, face, or pussy? Should we take a viewer vote?

Man, I ought to start asking for monetary donations! lol!

Anonymous said: Can this be a regular Friday feature? Every other day for that matter.

Lol! No, this was a special treat because I feel particularly good today :)

My Hotel Fantasy [Trigger warning!!! Rape/forced sex]

If you guys didn’t know by now, I have a thing for submission/domination play, and in particular I have rape/forced sex fantasies. I decided to write a little fantasy story based on this, so enjoy. (Obviously, DO NOT keep reading past this point if this topic is triggering for you.)

I was in my hotel room laying on the bed checking Facebook on my phone. I had just gotten out of the shower, so I had on only my panties. My damp hair was slowly air-drying on a towel I’d placed on my pillow. I fondled my breasts absent-mindedly, squeezing and feeling them fully in my palm.

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Anonymous said: now you are making me really horny, you used to just talk about sex, now you are posting very naughty (nice photo's) seriously, I would like to join you in a hotel. You are gorgeous. I will have to resort to a serious wank instead. Lov J

If you are lucky, I might write a fantasy post about fucking in a hotel sometime in the near future :p

law student:

I have received your message, and I really want to reply to you! Please turn on the “ask” feature in your settings! :)

ooh, and by the way, even after masturbating multiple times the other day, D and I got frisky that night again. I had texted him that I was soaking wet and he got turned on so much by that that he asked me to describe it to him while he stroked himself…And when he finished cumming all over my pussy, I told him to re-insert his still-erect cock into my pussy and hold it there while I rubbed my clit. His hard cock and warm cum was a delightful sensation and I made myself orgasm on his cock. It was wonderful.

Aaaaand now I just dripped onto my chair (still naked after my shower).

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